The Story


Originating from a tiny kitchen on a hill top in St-Ann's Jamaica, this family jerk recipe has been passed down over generations only to be fortunate enough to end up in your kitchen. 

Jerk is like a great BBQ sauce. Every one has a secret recipe but only few can truly master the art of making an authentic sauce.

Laine's marinades has been passed down from generations, originally being made in 1908. The secret to the success and taste of this particular marinade is that the recipe has not changed or been modified since that time. The family has held on to the recipe all these years sharing the end product with family, friends and neighbours for over a century without making any amendments to the recipe.

In 2015 we decided to share the amazing taste of Laine's Marinades with the world. Laine's Marinades are available currently in Ontario and Quebec and quickly expanding across Canada. Our Marinades are being used in many local restaurants as the main ingredient on many of their featured dishes.

All marinades are made from scratch and contain no preservatives. We use authentic, dried as well as fresh herbs, spices and ingredients in our marinades.  

Our marinades can be used on anything...seafood, poultry, meats, in sauces, soups, truly is "an everything marinade!"